Sunday, March 23, 2014

Anonymous donor to match first $1,000 VAN raises! Help us reach our goal! *UPDATED*

Thank you so much for your donations! Thanks to you we've reached our first milestone, the rental of the FLIR GasFindIR 320. We will be posting video and images next week. Vancouver Action Network is proud to announce that an anonymous donor has offered to match VAN's donations, dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 in order to help us achieve our $2,000 scientific monitoring goal.  We will use these funds to rent a FLIR GasfindIR hydrocarbon viewing video camera and to have one Bucket Brigade air monitor sample tested.  These donations will allow VAN to start the world's first citizen monitoring effort of dangerous hydrocarbon emissions from the Bakken oil trains since the US government refuses to conduct monitoring. These trains are already coming through our town.  Please help us monitor these emissions, bust the polluting companies, and protect all railside communities from disaster.  With your help we will change this fight from a defensive one to an offensive one and cost the oil and rail companies billions of dollars.
Our strategy and goals are clear. Science, existing regulation, and public opinion are on our side.  This is a remarkable opportunity to have a HUGE impact on an entire industry with a small sum of money.  Your donation will help protect railside communities across North America.  Please support our ground breaking monitoring efforts by making a donation today.

Thanks to the VAN supporters who have already made donations!  VAN is an all volunteer organization so 100% of your donation goes towards monitoring efforts.  There are several ways to contribute to our organization.  We will be tabling in Vancouver on Saturdays outside the NE entrance to the Farmers Market at 8th and Esther from 9am - 3pm and Sundays at 152 SE Columbia Way on the east side of the Riverwalk parking lot from 1pm - 6pm.  We hold weekly meetings at the Blind Onion, 2900 E Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver.  Donations will be accepted at all these events.  We also have an indiegogo campaign which can be found here.

You can also contact us via email at, by phone at 503-765-7176, and on Facebook at Vancouver Action Network.

Thank you in advance for your donation.

Matt Landon with Vancouver Action Network

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