Friday, April 11, 2014

Washington State Train Watch & Monitoring April 16 - April 27!

If you are from Vancouver, Columbia Gorge, Spokane, or Everett, we need your help.  Call us at 503-765-7176 immediately if you see an oil train at any time during April 16 - 23 for VAN's oil train air pollution monitoring.  Please forward this to your friends in these key areas, especially those living in Spokane.  All the trains we will be monitoring will be coming through Spokane.  For information on identifying the Bakken crude tanker cars, please see the Snohomish County Sierra Club's website at, Sightline Daily at and, as well as The Oregonian at  I've added a Google Doc quarter sheet flyer with our contact information.

We are also actively recruiting volunteers to assist us with our oil train air pollution monitoring program in Vancouver, WA.  For more information about our project, please see our blog post here.  If you are interested in fieldwork, please contact us at or 503-765-7176.

Our project also happens to coincide with the Snohomish County Sierra Club's Train Watch 2014.  While VAN is mainly interested in oil trains, the Sierra Club will be watching for oil and coal trains from April 21 - 27.  Please visit their website at for more information on how you can help them.

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