Saturday, July 11, 2015

Clarity about the use of the b**b word when describing oil trains

VAN volunteers are pretty concerned with the use of the b**b word to describe oil trains since it is an automatic red flag alert for government surveillance. Also it could be construed as a command or order.  It is neither.

Vancouver Action Network, VAN volunteers, and the Oil Train Movement are completely dedicated to non violence (including no property destruction) and the budding Oil Train Movement doesn't need to provide ammunition for additional government repression at any stage.

This change in wording is also about providing safety and clarity for our families ,friends, and oil train data. In the most correct sense the trains carry oil, not b**bs.  As citizen scientists we strive to provide the highest quality data possible.   

Please discontinue the use of the b**b word when describing oil trains.  Thanks, VAN

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